What Atheism in the US Needs

There is something missing from atheism, at least in the United States. We need a community. In many places in the US, it completely possible for an individual atheist to be the only atheist that he or she knows, at least in real life. I’m not talking about setting up atheist churches where you get to sing to pop music and have a sermon, but we need some type of gathering for moral support. We need to have places where atheists can talk to other atheists and exchange ideas. A place where we support each other. Personally, I would prefer a community that did secular charity work, and also supported each other if a member were to get their heat turned off during winter and other things similar to that.  There should be different social activities. There should be regular meetings, but it should not  be a church, and it shouldn’t be called an atheist church. My thoughts on this are still rather crude, but I think people need communities. I think there’s a lot of isolation among atheists in many areas of the US, and I would like to see a stop to that. Feel free to add your advice in the comments section.


Personal Identity


Have a look at the above link about personal identity. Is there truly an I, and am I the same person I was when I was a child? You may be interested in my previous post “You Can Now Stop at Least One Existential Crisis,” which talks about our brain cells lasting a lifetime. However, this article is more philosophical in nature. Perhaps, there is still reason to have an existential crisis. Hope everyone enjoys.