Militant Atheism

It is not in my nature to be very aggressive or assertive. I’m an introvert. Nevertheless, I’m always surprised when theists are surprised by some atheists wanting to deconvert people. Of course, many theists want atheists to convert; because, they want everyone to have the truth, supposedly. (Although, if their beliefs grant an exception to those who’ve never heard of their religion, then I dunno maybe don’t tell me about your religion.)  I don’t really understand what’s so shocking about people wanting other people to agree with them. Especially, if it is an agreement on such an important topic, such as the existence of a deity.

As for me, I plenty happy to just live my life. If someone broaches the subject of atheism/theism, I’m happy to discuss it, but 99% of the time it just doesn’t come up. On the other hand, if someone’s theism is restricting on my rights, then I have a problem. For example, creationism has NO place in biology class. I’m pretty particular about that. I could name other examples, but most the time these issues aren’t something I have to deal with on a regular basis. I’m not, for example, irritated by being wished a merry Christmas instead of a happy holiday. (I’ve never understood why Christians get upset by being wished a happy holiday. The word holiday comes holy day. ) Still, I think writing and talking about atheism is important, and I appreciate when it is done.


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