Sick Children and Religion

I’ve been sick for a week, but I’m getting better. I still can’t hear out my ears very well, but I’m sure it will get better. I thought I had allergies until I kept getting sicker. Anyways, at least I’m no longer in pain or leaking fluid out my eye sockets!

Being sick reminds of Christian Scientists who don’t believe in modern medicine. ( I know a portion of them do receive some medical intervention, especially for vaccines.) I mean if a grown adult would rather die than go to a hospital, then I suppose we should let them. (After a healthy dose of education of course!) Still, what about their children?

I, actually, find the idea of neglecting a sick child in that way is barbaric, but I also, truly, don’t want to live in a world where people aren’t allowed to practice their beliefs. While I do think it necessary to help a child who is being neglected, I do prefer for Big Brother to stay out of a parents’ relationship with their children. Of course, we could just simply state that if a child is knocking on death’s door, then it is appropriate to intervene.  Then again, how many cases against parents would be successful in the end?They are, obviously, going to use a freedom of religion defense. What about the child’s freedom of religion? What about a teenager’s? If a minor wants to receive medical attention, at what age do they have a right to it without parental approval? Still, to what degree does minor living with their parents truly have autonomy?

Also, what if the children arent‘t on death’s door, and they are just needlessly suffering? I know some will disagree, but the parent, in my view, who allows a child to touch a hot stove in order to learn better is wrong.

I’m not answering my questions, intentionally. There are no good answers. If we take away the children, then the children are being robbed of what, might, very well be otherwise a loving home, and then, what if the children grow up with resentment towards society. If we do take the children, it could be a good thing, physically. for the child. I supposed the government could demand regular check ups in order to monitor the children, but that’s a heck of a lot of freedom to give up. This just one of those times where belief puts the rest of us between a rock and a hard place.