Personal Suggestion for Happiness

We all have dreams, but the unfortunate fact is that most never fullfill them all. In addition, many times our core dreams are dashed to the ground by ourselves or outside forces beyond our control.

When this happens, do not give up on satisfaction and happiness in life. I may be no life coach. I may not be an expert, but I have experienced utter failure. I know my original hopes and dreams might be gone to some degree, and I’ve experienced more than a few bumps along the trail of life due to schizoaffective disorder and a couple of other issues. Still, I think I’ve found out how to handle loss. When a dream dies, regroup and dream again. Find a new passion. It may be hard to think of something at first, but there is so much in this world.

Yes,I still have psychotic and other issues at times, but in the background, I always try to reach for my dream. If one does not go forwards, then the only place to go is backwards. I could die at any momment; although, I hope I don’t. In my dieing moments even if I go too soon, at least I’ve tried my best. That’s good enough for me.


Short Post on Jesus

Many Christians point towards the empty tomb as a historical fact. They, then, say it is unlikely that Jesus’s body was stolen and the guards bribed. Question: how is a resurection ever more likely compared to just about any other explanation. Yes, women’s testimony wasn’t taken as seriously back then. So what? How is a resurection likely given that story or the other circumstantial “evidence?”

I’m will be writing from a cheap tablet for a little over a week.