Short Post on Jesus

Many Christians point towards the empty tomb as a historical fact. They, then, say it is unlikely that Jesus’s body was stolen and the guards bribed. Question: how is a resurection ever more likely compared to just about any other explanation. Yes, women’s testimony wasn’t taken as seriously back then. So what? How is a resurection likely given that story or the other circumstantial “evidence?”

I’m will be writing from a cheap tablet for a little over a week.



  1. Yes, who said the tomb was real anyway? If Jesus was tried in a court he would have been stoned, and even if the guards took him to that tomb, they probably would have thrown him into a shallow, unmarked grave a short time later, just like other rebels and criminals.

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    • I have heard the claim that he would have been stoned, but I haven’t yet looked at source info on the judicial system of that time and place. Of course the claim was that Jesus was convicted by the Romans. I do know that the claim was that Joseph of Arimathea was a higher up guy, and that is why there was a tomb instead of an unmarked grave. He supposedly arranged the burial. Thank you for the comment!


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