Who Created God?

Many atheists think positing God as the cause of the universe is a bad idea. This is due to the inevitable question: Who created God? In many atheists’ minds, using God as the cause of the universe just adds more problems.I am a devout skeptic. Still, I think this a bad line of reasoning. I do not think one has to research every theological argument from early Christendom onwards, but I think understanding basic concepts of the western monotheistic deity is somewhat necessary. This is especially true if one is arguing with any believer who has some level of sophistication about their religious beliefs.

The deity is considered eternal and self-existing. In other words, God does not have a beginning, and thus, he doesn’t need a creator. (The main arguments for God’s existence take for granted these ideas.) Now, some may say this is a cop out, but at the same time, this is part of the definition of God, if we are talking about western monotheism. If an atheist chooses to ask the question, then the theists may turn the argument around. They might say, for example, that the atheist is caricaturing their God.

Now, I’m not posting in order to tell people how to argue. That’s really none of my business. Still, I hear this question posed over and over again by atheists to theists, and this includes some outspoken famous atheists. I would, however, like my fellow atheists to be aware of the problems involved in asking this question. It makes debates on YouTube more interesting to watch when the previous ideas are taken into account by the deity. (Okay, I guess I’m selfish. Sue me.)



  1. “Who created God?” is a stellar example of a stupid question.

    Atheists are masters at taking stupid and masquerading it as intelligent and pithy.

    If the atheist were truly a skeptic, it would be impossible to be an atheist, as a matter of fact.

    To have absolute faith that everything just happened all by itself requires a mind that is gullible, not skeptical.


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  3. When I see the question “who created god?” posed, usually there’s an answer we fully expect to get back: “god is eternal and didn’t need creating”. But for an atheist that’s any good at this, that’s an opening for us to explain the concept of “special pleading”, and point out that, if they can claim special pleading for their god, then we can do the same with the universe. If they are going to claim that everything needed creating, and then carve out an exception to that rule, they have undermined their own argument, so it fails to be persuasive.

    But here’s the real answer to “who created god”:

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