Situations that are Irritating to me as an Atheist

Actual Situation 1:

The other day someone tried to give me advice using the Bible, and yes, I tried to stop them. Still, they decided they really needed to give me this advice. Now, this person is normally kind, so I decided I would let them go ahead and let them give their advice. They paraphrased a verse, and I questioned why they chose that particular verse. I knew which book in the Bible it was from, and apparently, this person was surprised by the fact that I knew which book they were using. Furthermore, they didn’t know which book the verse came from in the first place. This person questioned how I knew this. I told them that I’ve read the Bible. This person, then, went on to explain they’ve read parts of the Bible but not the whole Bible.

Note from me: If you are going to be religious, I don’t know maybe read your own scriptures.

Actual Situation 2:

I agreed to go with a friend to a support group meeting. This group was not a religious group. There was a man there who brought up God ALOT. In fact, he kept responding to everyone’s problems using Jesus.

Note from me: It is okay to bring up God in support group, if the person is talking about themselves and their struggles. The other people at the group can then support the first individual. It is NOT okay to bring up Jesus as a response to other people’s struggles. A support group is not a prayer meeting.

Actual Situation 2.5:

So, the group finished, and I walked outside with my friend. She asked how I liked the group. I said I didn’t like it, because of the man who brought up God way too much. I explained that I was an atheist, and the man’s behavior was annoying given the circumstances. Her eyes got wide. She was shocked, and a conversation, albeit not awful, ensued

Note from me: It should not be shocking that someone is an atheist. One does not lose faith one day and then become a serial killer the next day.


Atheists and Agnostics: Statistics in the US

I will be drawing my numbers from the pew research center: Religion in America

Many atheists are happy to here that “nones” make up 22% of the religious landscape of the United States. When compared to other mainstream religions out side of Christianity (5.9%), the religious “nones” seem to be looking pretty decent. Although when compared to 70.6% for various Christians, they do not seem to be doing as well as they would like.

Are atheists and agnostics really doing as well as we hope? One has to look at the “nones” group at little closer. Atheism and agnostics make up 7.1% when added together. The rest of the group are classified either as “Nothing in particular (religion important)” or “Nothing in particular (religion not important.)”

This may seem like I’m making a big deal out of nothing, but it might turn out I’m not. Nothing in particular can take on different meanings. While atheism and agnosticism has become more popular, so have other views. Views like being “spiritual but not religious” and “against organized religion” are also enjoying popularity. Even though these may include atheists and agnostics who like to meditate or believe in the afterlife, they often, also, include those who firmly believe in a deity. People with these kinds of belief may very well survey as “Nothing in particular.”

I hope atheism and agnosticism continue to gain popularity in the US. Of course, this is due to thinking that we atheists have views closer to the truth than do theists and the problem of the religious not tolerating atheists. Still, I think atheists are not as likely to be oppressed by anyone in the “nones” group, but I have little to back this up except personal experiences with the “spiritual but not religious” types.