Tribalism, at first glance, seems to be one of the worst forces for evil. It is responsible for racism. It is responsible for sexism. It was responsible for NAZI Germany, and yet, I doubt tribalism will ever go away. I think most of us cling to some type of tribe. Perhaps a person is proud of being a Democrat, a student, or member of a religion. I observe all of this, and I wonder if tribalism can be a force for good.

Much of the time tribalism doesn’t lead to genocide or racism. Being proud of being a member of a group, can lead to a sense of community. A sense of community can lead to mutual care between members. Unfortunately, this sense of community often leads to the group taking care of themselves first, and it doesn’t always lead to caring for those outside of the group.

However, if everyone belonged to a group, then everyone,perhaps, would have others to care for them. Ideally, everyone could belong to a non-radical group, and everyone would keep the group in check. ( I don’t know, if that’s possible or not). It would nice, if we could use tribalism as a force for good.

I’m not married to any of these thoughts. These ideas are based on me being practical. I’m not for tribalism, but I seriously doubt we will ever see the end of tribalism. If I’m right, then our only choice seems to be to use tribalism as force for good.


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