Finals Week

Well, last week was finals week for me. I did a lot of studying. I, also, did a lot of stress vomiting. I consigned myself to calculating the minimum grade I needed on my finals to pass, and like I do every semester, I try to think of a better way to do end of the semester evaluations other than finals. My school like many schools doesn’t do too many Saturday and Friday classes, so there is essentially three days to study for four or more classes for full time students. Stress ensues, and I’m convinced there could be a better to evaluate a students acquired knowledge.

I, think, perhaps it would be better if students were given a week to study instead of weekend. Even though, that would lessen the amount of break students receive at the end of each semester. Now, many students might not use this week to study and then blow off studying until the weekend anyways. Still, this should not effect this “break.” Many students might procrastinate and some of them legitimately only need a weekend, but for other students it could be a god send. A week would reduce stress in a great many students lives. I think a week to study is reasonable, and I think it would work.

As always, tell me what you think!


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  1. My university always had a “reading period” between the end of class and the start of finals, usually about a week long. It was very helpful, even if it did extend the school year a little. I had time to do a more proper review, rather than just an overnight cram before the test.

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