A little about this blog:



This blog will mainly deal with whatever falls out of my brain. Typical topics will more than likely include: atheism, philosophy, math, science, and my random mental ramblings. This blog assumes that philosophy, science, and mathematics are all relevant and important.  Any comments are appreciated as long as they are not abusive. That being said dissenting opinions are welcomed, of course. Do not expect this blog to be free of typos and grammar errors. I do try to keep them to a minimum, but the point of this blog is to simply get ideas out. (Many times I’m writing at odd hours or quickly.) Ideas, in my view, are more important than typos.

A little about me:

I’m recent university mathematics grad. I’ll be grabbing an extra degree soon at another college, though. I take very seriously philosophy and science, and as such, I’ve studied these subjects to varying degrees over my college career. I consider myself intellectually curious. Thus, this blog exists. I am a devout skeptic, meaning I will become a believer if my reasons for disbelief are ever answered. Thinking is my all time favorite activity; although, I make no claims to being an intellectual mastermind.

Welcome to Mental Queries, where ideas fall out of my brain and onto WordPress!


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