Comment Rules

There really are not too many rules. I do not moderate my comments. If I have to delete your comment, it was probably pretty bad. Thus, if you have been censored, there more than likely won’t be a warning. Unless, it is a gray area. So here are the rules:

1. No spam.
If you have a link you want to share, by all means do. Please just write a sentence or two about the link.

2. No hate speech
This should be obvious. If you use the c word or the n word, you will be gone without warning. If you use language that is meant to disparage a group of people, your post will be gone.

Example of something I would allow: “Abortion is not women’s rights issue, it’s about the child’s right to life.”
Example of something I wouldn’t allow: “A woman’s place is in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant. Therefore, she doesn’t have the right to an abortion.”

3. No harassing or abusive language
I take a liberal view of what is abusive. I understand issues sometimes get heated, but if you feel yourself getting upset, calm down before you comment. It’s that simple!

4. No graphic depictions of violence.

5. Do not threaten anyone or break any laws

I have only ever moderated spam, so far. Please keep it that way!


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