Breath is an essential part of life. We do it from the day we’re born, until the day we die. We inhale and exhale over and over. In meditation, practioners often focus on breath, which seems to have calming or grounding effect. It seems that everything we do is interconnected with breath.

We do other things, of course, we refuel, and we excrete waste. We eat. Our body breaks down the food. What the body doesn’t use up is pushed out the other end. It seems that breathing and producing waste is what people do most of the time.

Now, here some argue that we think, socialize, and the like, but honestly, myself included, most of what people think isn’t of much use. By this, I mean it isn’t original, or it isn’t useful. Maybe, for example, a person doesn’t like Trump. This is, hardly, original.  They decide to form a group and protest. Will the protest result in a new president? Most likely the answer is a resounding no.

To sum things up, people are breathing excreting machines. There’s nothing, essentially, wrong with that. It’s just what people are most of the time. Human being are very sensitive creatures. If their breath or their ability to refuel is taken from them, then they perish. People can learn to make better use of their time. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind that us people are alive for a very limited amount of time. We take a very limited amount of breaths. Use them wisely.


The Afterlife

I personally think that we are our brains, and that when they die so do we. I really see no convincing reason to think otherwise. I think people came up with the idea of an afterlife; because,  the alternative wasn’t as comforting. Death is the ultimate loss whether it’s us personally who dies or just someone we know. Contemplating mortality is often saddening and scary ;because, we are smart enough to know there is no escaping.

Death is certain. Life is uncertain. We are truly lucky to be alive at all. We are even luckier to be conscious humans. I instantly become amazed at the great fortune I’ve run into every time I think: I am human! I get to look up at the stars at night, feel the sun shine upon me, talk, walk, think, breathe, have relationships, but sadly one day it all has to go away, and I don’t want to go. I’m not fearful of death; because I know nothing bad is going to happen. I may not be going to heaven, but I’m also not going to hell. I just don’t want to lose everything I have. I suppose if humans didn’t have a survival instinct we’d be extinct by now, so it is only natural and healthy that I don’t want to go. Still, if there was an immortality pill, I’d take it.

Knowing there’s nothing beyond this frail thing we call life, I choose to make the most of it. I keep my loved ones close. I try to avoid petty arguments. I do the things that make me happy. I try to make all my dreams come true. I try to accomplish my goals. I figure in the end, perhaps quality is better than quantity.